Giving a value to waste and transforming it into a resource is our mission

The remarkable work between the production of waste and its redeployment into the industrial cycles allows us to maximize the efficiency with the utmost respect for nature; minimizing the amount of waste items allocated to the landfill is an essential part of our company’s core business.

Pianigiani Rottami LLC. is provided with highly modern technological plants and a vast vehicle fleet, offering a multifunctional platform for an integrated waste management organised at the highest levels.

Processing and services

WEEE Processing

Waste electrical and electronic equipment collection service

Lead-acid accumulators

Lead batteries collection service, appointed by Remedia

Container Rental

Mini Compactors, Swap body Compactors and Containers.

Vehicles, trailers, and others pick-up service

Coming from dealers, repair shops, impound lots and state property

Vehicle Radiation file processing by PRA

We are STA desk n. AGSI 004301

Industrial demolition service

Demolition and decontamination of industrial buildings


Also, on behalf of general urban waste collection providers

The culture of salvaging

Waste salvaging is everyone’s commitment, as also established by the art. 178 of D.LGS 152/2006.

Licenses and Certifications

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Our values

Ethical principles and values guiding our work

The values pursued by Pianigiani Rottami LLC express the company’s commitment in developing in harmony with the territory and the social fabric in which it operates. A code of ethics guiding the operations of the management and all the collaborators stands at the basis for all future development strategies.
All the staff members contribute to the success of the company with their everyday dedication.

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Where we are


Strada di Ribucciano 3,5,7,9 - 53100

Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)

Via Ettore Maiorana 30 - 50019

Cusona (San Gimignano - Siena)

Località Cusona - 53037

Pieve al Toppo (Civitella - Arezzo)

Via dell'industria 30 - 52041


Via Birmania 51/53 - 58100

Corciano (Perugia)

Via Palazzeschi 18 - 06073